Why you need .CO or .CLUB for your next online project

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With over 1.5 billion websites in existence, it’s hard to stand out in this crowded, digital universe. When choosing a domain, it’s easy to be drawn to the ever-popular .com, but you may find the one you want has already been snapped up.

Why not think outside the box? 

Let’s look at how a .co or .club domain might be the perfect fit for your next online project. 

Hedgehog uses .co domain

The entrepreneur-friendly .CO

Although the .co domain is a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) assigned to Colombia, anyone can claim one these days, making it a popular alternative to .com.

It’s often used by startups and entrepreneurs, as “co” is associated with companycorporate, or commercial, and being short, has a fresh and modern appeal.

Tech startups, in particular, love the domain, and in recent years, it’s become synonymous with blockchain technology and crypto sites, such as stacks.co, a Bitcoin layer that enables decentralized apps. The social media giant formally known as Twitter used t.co for their URL shortening service. 

But .co isn’t just reserved for Silicon Valley. Businesses across the globe are using it. Taco Bell used the .co for wordplay — if you type ta.co in your browser bar, you’ll be redirected to the homepage.

Convinced? Register a .co domain now.

The fan-favorite .CLUB

From health clubs to nightclubs, and golf stores to after-school clubs, the .club domain is a fitting domain for a variety of online ventures. You can use yours to bring fans and like-minded individuals together, whether that’s in your small town or on a global scale. 

Retail stores like supermarkets or online discount stores can run a .club site alongside their main site to promote reward clubs for loyalty or seasonal discounts for the holidays. 

With so many applications, it’s easy to see how the .club is a great alternative to .com. 

Ready to join the .club? Register a .club domain now

How to choose a domain name for your project

Now you’re ready to get started, here are three handy tips on creating the perfect domain name:

  1.  Make it memorable

The first thing you’ll want to remember about your URL is that it needs to be memorable. Your first and last name, for example, is a great starting point if you’re looking to publish your portfolio or start your freelancing gig.

  1. Make it relevant

If you’re starting a maple syrup-making club in Vermont, consider using keywords like ‘maple,’ ‘syrup,’ or ‘Vermont’ in your domain name. Using relevant keywords not only supports the first step, making your domain name memorable, but it also can help with search engine optimization (SEO). By providing those relevant keywords on every page of your website, Google’s algorithms can easily match your website with people who are using those keywords in their search.

  1. Choose a domain name that’s short and easy to spell

While vermontmaplesyrupclub.com may seem like a memorable domain name, it’s long – which also means the margin for consumer error (typing in the wrong address) can be high. Find ways to make your domain name as short as possible to ensure your customers are able to find your page easily — you wouldn’t want them to stumble on a competitor’s site. 

A great way to shorten your domain name is to consider alternatives that are as unique as you, like .club or .co. These domains let customers easily identify you in search results, have more easily available URLs, and create a more memorable brand.

Go forth and register

Now, you’re equipped with everything you need to get started! Register a .co or .club for your next online project today.

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