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Acute Ischemic Stroke

A look at ischemic stroke, including the main mechanisms and causes of ischemic stroke, as well as the signs and symptoms of ischemic stroke (Bamford classification of stroke syndromes included). We see why the CT head is performed without contrast and also go through how ischemic strokes are diagnosed and treated.

Stroke Recovery Stages

Discover the journey of stroke recovery with our comprehensive guide on the stages of rehabilitation. From initial flaccidity to the return of normal function, Nathan from Skills and Wellness will explain and teach about the goals and milestones at each stroke stage. This video is essential for stroke survivors, caregivers, and healthcare professionals looking to… Continue reading Stroke Recovery Stages

What are Ischemic Strokes

What are ischemic strokes? Ischemic strokes occur when there’s a blocked artery that reduces blood flow to the brain. Find our full video library only on Osmosis: http://osms.it/more. Join millions of current and future clinicians who learn by Osmosis, along with hundreds of universities around the world who partner with Osmosis from Elseiver to make… Continue reading What are Ischemic Strokes